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A Clean Set is a better set!

Production Janitorial & Covid Compliance Management 
Production Janitorial & 
Covid Compliance Management 




Relax, we've got this part.

we've got this part.

How we make sets better for you.

Our mission is to help provide a health-safe environment for crew, cast, and guests. We provide experienced Compliance and Health Safety Teams to manage the compliance and PPE requirements. At locations, production offices and studios our Production Janitorial Team keeps your show looking sharp and lets your location managers and PA's focus on their real jobs.

We're proud vendors for ad agencies, production
companies and major studios including

Live Events

Health Safety Compliance 

There's a good chance your set must be in compliance with union, CDC and local guidelines, and production company or studio policy. From testing coordinating to contact tracing, compliance officers and "sani-tech" hygiene team, contact us to manage health safety on your production.

  • Experienced Health Safety/Compliance Officers
  • All day high touch point disinfecting wipe-down


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Production Set Janitorial

Let's make cleanliness a priority on set

Production sets have needed dedicated janitorial and hygiene attention all along, the pandemic simply made that more obvious. Our cast and crew deserve a clean and health-safe work environment. Invite us to clean your production offices, sound stages and warehouses – even off-site locations! Filming at a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, or bowling alley, we're your Location Manager's best friend. All day or after-hours.

  • Clean bathrooms, full service
  • Vacuum, Sweep and mop
  • Disinfecting & fogging with hospital grade solution
  • Empty trash cans and replace liner
  • Pressure washing 
  • Carpet and hard surface floor cleaning 
  • Special projects on request
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Live In-Person Events

Guest Health Safety

When planning to offer in-person events, we can provide on-location health safety services that help you keep your mind on the success of your event and the satisfaction of your guests.

As the first face your guests will see, our friendly team will welcome your attendees with your preferred greeting before performing a touchless temperature check and reviewing health safety documents such as a paper or digital vaccination card, recent negative test result or other documentation. When ready, we can outfit guests with a wristband so they can be identified as cleared.

On-site Rapid Testing
Our Team can provide on-site private rapid testing (self administered or administered by our team). In the event of a "not cleared" result, we will follow procedures including optionally retesting or advising the guest they are unable to enter.

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A Clean Set is a better set!

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